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July 6th, 2010
Another Census Worker at Center of Home Assault

In June, John Wellington the 67-year-old knocked on the front door of Howard Wolff's home in Oklahoma City. 

Wellington claimed to be a census worker and asked Wolff if he could come in and ask a few questions.  Wolff declined and Wellington decided to finally reveal his real purpose for turning up on his doorstep: to kill him. 

Wellington, a former school teacher and principal, pulled out a gun, pointed it directly in Wolff's face and began firing.  Reports say Wellington pulled a gun and shot Wolff in the face and back.

Wolff's family, who was hiding inside, reported hearing a total of six gun shots before Wellington stopped to reload.

Wolff's friend Joe Kile says things could have been even worse.  "Thank God Howard was smart enough to not let the man in the house. It's of our opinion that he came with intentions of killing everyone who was there," said Kile.

Wolff is recovering but still has a bullet in his sinus cavity that doctors may not be able to remove.

Wellington's wild attack shocked Wolff's family, who had no idea why he'd have such a vendetta...until after Wolff was rushed to the hospital. 

Wellington was arrested was his motive revealed...turns out, Wolff is now dating Wellington's ex-girlfriend.

Wellington is now in jail on charges of shooting with an intent to kill, and is being held on a $2 million bond, while Wolff recovers.  



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