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June 16th, 2010
We Don't Need No Stinking Volunteers

Florida Authorities just say "No" to volunteers...
Reports from all along the Gulf are of an affront to volunteers that want to lend their hand to help minimize the effects of this disasterous spill. 
It looks like the red-tape being strung up around the clean-up efforts is going to be more catastrophic than the actual spill itself.
People are being told they have to be experienced in bird-washing! 
Simple trainging is needed...yet they would rather bar the offerings of the public who WANT to volunteer in exchange for handing out contracts to do so.

From Louisiana to Florida, the calls of foul echo the same message; why all the resistance?

Just look at what local news reporters are subjected to when they try to get a handle on the clean-up efforts actually being excersised...or are they???



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