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June 9th, 2010
Stupidest Google Searches

DUMBEST things people have ever Googled, and share them with the world. 


 And here are the site's 10 best finds . . .



#1.)  "Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address YouTube Video"



#2.)  "Obama Gay Relationship With Music"



#3.)  "Nigeria Investment Opportunities"



#4.)  "Sex Addict Won't Have Sex With Me"



#5.)  "Am I Bipolar Or Overachiever?"



#6.)  "Anorexia In Cats"



#7.)  "My Credit Score Is 593 Is That Good"



#8.)  "Shampoo Lice Do Not Like"



#9.)  "Robot Police Cars Like Transformers That Are Blue And White"



#10.)  "Get Rid Of Friendly Ghost"



(You can see more of these Google searches at:  http://www.seolol.net.) 



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