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June 9th, 2010

A Baton Rouge police chase ended with spike strips and a taser, near LSU's campus.

Police say they got a call this morning from a Dept. of Public works crew, who said a man, who seemed emotionally disturbed, was following them all morning and they weren't sure why.

Officers tried to make contact with the driver, but he sped away. They followed him all over the city, and eventually had to set up spike strips. The driver's tires blew out at a parking lot on LSU's campus, and police tased him.

Police say they're not sure why the driver refused to stop, but he is now in custody, and charges are pending.

Maybe being featured on Billy Ed's Taser Report will cheer him up!!



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Robert - 2014-11-19
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Jesus - 2014-11-18
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Raju - 2014-11-17
i still cannot bevleie how a mother of a baby (own flesh and blood lest we forget)could let anybody hurt her own child. This article seems particularly sad. Once again if only the authorities had acted sooner rather than later then this poor little chap would not have had to suffer.RIP little man!!xxx
by Raju

Morosanda - 2014-11-16
Thanks once again for the reference..i can only say that in my reidang of this case there was only one thing that the step-father must of felt towards her son and that was HATRED apart from ignorance. I was party to seeing one of my cousins slapping there little 1 year old daughter and noticed that this was due to annoyance from continuous crying, the mother was exchausted, and frustrated and needed help from an older person, i felt inclined to reassure and advise her at this stage, for which she was gratefull for but told her slapping would just make things worse. That in my opinion was NOT hatred but frustration.. which of course could lead to other things BUT i believe can be handled with counselling. The above case though of poor little Jeremiah unfortunately was Hatred/ignorance/jealousy. The mother was of course NO better!!!
by Morosanda

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