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June 4th, 2010
Five Famous Geniuses Who Were Total Pervs

 #1.)  ALBERT EINSTEIN:  Einstein was married twice, and one of his wives was his first cousin Elsa.  But Einstein cheated on both wives with at least ten other women, and he even got busted violating his best friend's niece. 

 #2.)  MOZART:  He may have been the greatest composer of all time, but he was into some seriously messed up stuff. 
In a letter to his female cousin, Mozart wrote that he wanted to drop a DEUCE on her nose and watch it run down her chin.
He also regularly exchanged letters with his mother that contained dirty limericks about passing gas.  And he even wrote a classical party ballad called (--CAREFUL!!!) "Lick My A**".

#3.)  JAMES JOYCE:  When he was away, Joyce and his wife, Nora, would exchange dirty letters.  In them, Joyce talks about pleasuring himself while reading her letters. 
He also tells Nora he wants her to, quote, "smack" and "flog" him while naked, and to drill her so hard it makes her break wind in his face.

#4.)  T.E. LAWRENCE A.K.A. "LAWRENCE OF ARABIA":  T.E. Lawrence was an officer in the British Army who played a major role in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks.
Lawrence used to pay a man named John Bruce to whip him with a stick and write down what happened so he could use it for his own pleasure later on.

#5.)  JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU:  Rousseau's work, "The Social Contract", was one of the single most important documents used to create the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
But Rousseau also had a fetish for being spanked, and is thought to be the first person to come out as a "spankophile" and sadomasochist. 



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