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June 4th, 2010
The Government Wants to Save Journalism!

Oh, this is a cringing thought...The Federal Trade Commission says it wants to save journalism.

The FTC has asked it's staff for "policy recommendations to support the reinvention of journalism," in relation to old newspapers and their fading business models.

The FTC wants to reinvent journalism...but they're ideas are as out-dated as 56K modems.  In 35 pages of text, the word blog is used only once in a parenthetical mention of soccer blogs.

So, instead of thinking outside the perverbial box, the FTC staff declares defeat in the search for business models and opt for the ever successful government intervention.

Included in Journalism's 'bright' new future are:

* Expanding copyright law and restricting the doctrine of fair comment to benefit legacy publishers.

* Granting antitrust exemptions to allow publishers to collude on pricing to consumers and to business partners.

* Giving news organizations tax exemptions.

* Subsidizing news organizations by increasing government funding to public broadcasting; establishing an AmeriCorps to pay reporters; giving news companies tax credits for employing journalists; creating a national fund for local news, and giving the press an increased postal subsidy.

To its credit, the FTC does ask how to pay for all this. Tax your data usage on your IPad!  They propose a 5% surcharge on consumer electronics to raise $4 billion for news. They also consider a tax on broadcast spectrum and even on advertising.

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