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June 3rd, 2010
W&J Advice to Grads

Before you get started, be sure to check out today's list of the

Top Pieces of Advice for College Graduates.

  • Don't lose that graduation tassel.  It will come in handy when you take that gig at the strip club.
  • Lose the beer helmet for job interviews.
  • Find time to travel to another country.  And then stay there. 
  • Take an unpaid internship position.  And then spill hot coffee on your genital area in the break room.
  • Be sure to put your degree to good use.  For instance, skimming the surface of ocean water for oil. 
  • Spring for the class ring.  In a few years, you can trade it for a rock.
  • Take a part-time job that could lead to a full-time job.  For example, it's common knowledge that washing dishes can lead to a sweet bartending gig. 
  • Always remember to wear sunscreen
  • And don't forget boys and girls to...Eat It Everyday!



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