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May 26th, 2010
From the Front Page of Obama's Homeland

Guys, if you think your ex is crazy, be glad you aren't married to this 30-year-old woman from western Kenya.
The woman hasn't been identified, but last year she was evicted from her home, along with her three children and her husband . . . a 35-year-old guy named Musa Kipnyama.
The Kipnyamas have been struggling to get back on their feet ever since.  And last month they finally saved up enough money to buy two acres of land worth $2,500.
They paid $1,900 up front, and Musa was supposed to pay the remaining $600 balance this month.
But instead of paying off the land, he decided to blow all the family's money on PROSTITUTES and BOOZE.
Eventually, Musa's wife found out what happened, and when she confronted him they got into an argument.  Things turned violent, and for Musa's wife it was the final straw.

So later that night, while Musa was asleep, his wife crept into the bedroom and HACKED HIM TO PIECES with an axe.  Then she turned herself in to the police.   



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