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May 18th, 2010
Even Democrats Supporter are Scripted


This is exactly what WJ mean about individuals who call into radio shows, prepped with scripts.

The site gives you a "3 Easy Steps" plan of how to call into a radio talk show, how to act, and what to say.

Literally, a script of what to say to support whatever needs supporting.  Their focus right now is Elena Kagan.  There are bullet points to rattle off to the host so you don't have to do any independent research...just say what they tell you and believe it with all your heart!!


Dear God,

We're in Trouble.


The People.



Already being told what to think - 2010-05-19
We know it to be true that liberals and liberal media LOVE to tell us what to think; what to say; and to feel appropriately guilty for being anglo-americans. This site is proof of that. FREE SPEECH? HARDLY! I thought they felt this right was important.
by Disgusted Medical Provider

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