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May 13th, 2010
WTF Billy Ray?

Billy Ray….What the Hell could you have been thinking to approve of this?! 

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TMZ posted a clip yesterday from that video of MILEY CYRUS dancing suggestively last year during the wrap party for "The Last Song".
As you recall, we heard that Miley was dancing with one of the film's producers . . . an openly gay man by the name of Adam Shankman.  Miley's parents weren't there, and Miley was only 16 at the time.
Her carousing included grinding her hips into the guy's groin, and basically giving him an upright LAP DANCE.  (--Without further ado, here's the clip . . .)

TMZ apparently woke up on the selfish side this morning and disabled the embbedding of the video...

(Click Here) to watch the grind go down.

It's time for Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife to STEP UP.  Every time Miley acts too slutty for her age, they cover for her.  They make excuses for her.  And they ENABLE her.  And we've just seen the result.)
Parents, you have to stop trying to be your kids' FRIEND and start living up to your title.  So, Billy Ray, you and Miley are best friends, huh???  That's so sweet.  But I've got news for you, son:  Your best friend ACTS LIKE A SLUT!!!)  (???) 



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