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May 13th, 2010
The TOP 10 "RICHEST PEOPLE" in Congress list was released...

The TOP 10 "RICHEST PEOPLE" in Congress

1 John Kerry-D $167M

2 Darrel Issa-D $164M

3 Jane Harman-D $112M

4 Jay Rockefeller-D $85M

5 Mark Warner-D $72M

6 Jared Polis-D $71M

7 Vernon Buchanan-R $49M

8 Frank Lautenberg-D $48M

9 Dianne Feinstein-D $42M

10 Harry Teague-D $40M




Ynal - 2014-11-21
Well Buzz, its called prilfoing.You see, the right has always favored calling something what it is, and make it no secret.We dont hide behind some bullshit pretense that were blind to the obvious.Cant say that for the party that claims to be champions of non-discriminatory or non-offensive speech.As far as the leftist morons go, they coddle everyone/thing with grammatical and literal kidskin gloves, but its just fine to call me and my ilk terrorists, racists, old white red neck trailer park trash and everything else short of Satan.Wait . never mind.You want to be held in better esteem ?Dont debate politics. http://kgbankamsd.com [url=http://dffvpmdh.com]dffvpmdh[/url] [link=http://rwtadnnlkg.com]rwtadnnlkg[/link]
by Ynal

Yoepy - 2014-11-16
Yeah, Gore and Clinton sholud live off the grid in mud huts! They sholud take public transportation everywhere. And travel with no security, and live in poor areas, too. I mean, why would they get shot? Poor people are all Democrats after all; look around in the trailer-park. I bet in a lot of 50 trailers, only 35 or 40 have confederate flags and conservative bumper stickers on them
by Yoepy

HPHN - 2010-05-13
Darrel Issa is a Republican.
by Tim

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