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May 12th, 2010
Several Notable Show Notes

Crabs Of Revenge...How much do you hate your EX??

Just when you thought the Internet couldn't possibly be nastier than it already is, we get THIS insanity . . .
There's a website that's operated out of the UK called CrabRevenge.com.  Basically, it sells GENITAL LICE, which you can use to infect your cheating ex, or any other person who may have ticked you off.
According to the website, quote, "We sell you crabs to give your ex-girlfriend or whoever has pissed you off enough to make you seek revenge on them.
"If you want a method of revenge that doesn't involve permanent damage or risk of personal injury or jail time, you have come to the right place."
Now, I know what you're thinking:  There's NO WAY this website is real.  Honestly, you might be right, and it seems the site's operators get that question a lot.
They say, quote, "We can barely believe that we are selling crabs online, so we don't really mind that others find it a bit out of the ordinary."  _____________________________________________________________________


Officials with the Miss USA contest released promo photos of all the pageant contestants this week.  They're pretty hot, and a lot more suggestive than in the past. 

The theme was "Waking Up In Vegas."  Think:  Fishnets, boy shorts, corsets, posing on beds, stuff like that.  You'll definitely feel like a dirty old man looking at them.
The Miss USA contest takes place on Saturday.


More from Miss USA Click Here


A Woman Found A Gummy Candy In The Shape Of A Man Pleasuring Himself 

23-year-old Lyz Parker lives in Camberley, England (--about 30 miles west of London).
Recently, she opened a bag of Candy King . . . which is kind of like a British version of Gummy Bears . . . and pulled out a piece of candy in the shape of a man molesting himself.
According to a spokesman for the candy-maker, quote, "Clearly this is not part of Candy King's assortment."



As Mean Gene says in his song "My Baby Don't Wear No Panties"...How Do Ya Know
It's been a while since a celebrity has left home SANS PANTIES.  But if anybody was going to bring that trend back, it had to be BRITNEY SPEARS.
Britney had dinner with one of her bodyguards at a gay bar called The Abbey yesterday afternoon.  And it looks like she may not have been wearing any underwear.
(The pictures are inconclusive, actually.  But based on the evidence, a strong case can be made that she's minus her panties.  Hit up this link, and closely examine pictures 12 through 18 . . .)



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