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May 10th, 2010
Tiger's Bad Plays

Is Tiger's pain in the neck a painful reminder of his Thanksgiving night knock-out?

Tiger had to drop out of the Players Championship yesterday due to neck pain.  And he thinks it's from a bulging disc.--Tiger told reporters he's been dealing with the pain since before the Masters . . . quote, "I've been playing through it.  I can't play through it anymore."

Asked at Augusta what injuries he suffered that night, Woods said, "I had a busted-up lip and a pretty sore neck, and that was it."  The only time he has mentioned his neck was during his news conference last month at the Masters. Woods was taken to the hospital Nov. 27 after driving his SUV over a fire hydrant and into a tree, the infamous accident that set off shocking revelations of extramarital affairs that led to his five-month break from golf.

Woods started the final round 10 shots out of the lead and was 2-over par through six holes. He struggled on just about every hole, finding a bunker off the first tee, coming up short on several approach shots and pushing several tee shots right.

He said pain was bothering him from the time he took the club back until he finished his swing.

"Setting up over the ball is fine, but once I start making the motion, it's downhill from there," he said.
Tiger folded during the seventh hole yesterday.  After hooking his tee shot to the right, he called for an official.  He took his second shot, but then he shook hands with his playing partner, Jason Bohn, and left in a golf cart.

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Here's a little fun with slip of the tongue as a reporter describes Tiger's bulging ailment...




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