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August 27th, 2015
Deep thoughts



Tiana - 2015-10-16
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by Tiana

Deka - 2015-10-15
Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I appcireate it.
by Deka

Luiza - 2015-10-15
Your story stirs up my curiosity. I veitisd Santiago, but never the southern tip of Chile. Here is what Wikipedia has to say abt the region:"... 火地群島(西班牙語 Tierra del Fuego) 是南美洲最南端的島嶼群 由主島大火地島及周邊小島組成 .... 1520年 麥哲倫在其環球航行中發現該群島 他看見島上的印第安人燃起了許多煙柱 於是將該群島命名為火地群島 他以為那是印第安人準備襲擊他的船隊的信號 但其實那可能僅僅是因為閃電引起的天火 ... "I assume the natives also like to hunt seals and penguins :) http://ulekmskfu.com [url=http://utlhgywp.com]utlhgywp[/url] [link=http://utagfkgtib.com]utagfkgtib[/link]
by Luiza

Stephen - 2015-10-13
Your story was really inaoimftrve, thanks!
by Stephen

Lisandra - 2015-10-13
None can doubt the veriacty of this article.
by Lisandra

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