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July 27th, 2015
Today on W&J

5AM (1):

-    Bruce Jenner’s new show Caitlyn premiered over the weekend. We didn’t watch, but for $150 million we might consider becoming a woman too!
-    We won’t respect Bruce Jenner until he cuts his penis off.
-    Jackie Mason says that “NYC restaurants are subject to tougher inspections than Iran under nuclear deal.”

5AM (2):

-    The key to a successful radio career is to simply show up. Trust us; you’ll have a leg up on everyone else by following this simple rule.

6AM (1):

-    Members of the Westboro Baptist Church want to protest a funeral in Louisiana. Bobby Jindal has made it clear, however, that if any members show up they will be arrested immediately.
-    There was a heavy body count in Chicago over the weekend.

6AM (2):

-    Call us anti-transgender, but we didn’t catch Bruce Jenner’s new show over the weekend.
-    It’s inevitable that once Bruce Jenner becomes a full-fledged woman, his driving skills will suffer immensely.
-    Parody: Bruce Jenner – “I Feel like a Woman”
-    Many of our listeners are now millionaires and you could be next!

6AM (3):

-    What exactly does it mean to “toddle?”
-    Weekend Chicago gun report
-    You’ve heard of BINGO, but what about BANGO? We try out the game live on the air!

6AM (4):

-    Did LeBron James intentionally ‘expose’ himself to TV viewers?
-    Why does Quannel X think that he’s in Ferguson when he’s actually in Katy, TX?

7AM (1)

-    Looks like our new game “BANGO” is a hit!
-    Street Audio: Producer Ken hit the streets to talk to “black lives matter” protesters about the Waller, TX incident.
-    Billy Ed makes a stunning confession: He enjoyed ‘white privilege’ over the weekend.
-    The message that MTV wants you to know is that, if you’re white, you should be ashamed of everything about your heritage. In fact, Caucasians have no heritage.
-    Ponder this during the break: How many eyeballs do you think you could fit up your butt?

7AM (2):

-    Good news for those that missed it: We may play BANGO again!
-    How many cow eyeballs do you think you could fit up your butt?
-    5 Random Facts
-    Ant Man was number one at the box office this weekend. Adam Sandler’s movie placed second.

7AM (3):

-    A new study reveals that far more women have used an excuse to get out of having sex than men. We already knew this, however.
-    Street Audio: Part 2 of Producer Ken’s interaction with protesters at the “black lives matter” protest.
-    Audio: Who knew this was a word?
-    Coming up: A taser report with nudity

7AM (4):

-    Taser Report

8AM (1):

-    Have you ever seen an animal have sex faster than a rabbit?
-    Who taught you about sex?
-    There was a time when the transition between bush and non-bush was clearly evident in Playboy.

8AM (2):

-    You girls with nose rings need to realize that the ring was originally used for leading cattle around.
-    Austin police arrested a 30-year-old naked man named Nathan as he tried to hump an old man.

8AM (3):

-    This week is suicide awareness week. How will you celebrate?

8AM (4):

-    This day in history
-    The movie Purple Rain came out over 30 years ago and that makes us feel old.

9AM (1):

-    Why is it that those that immigrate to the US from communist countries
-    Would you have guessed that the translation of the word “Pinocchio” is “pine head/”
-    Let’s play Dead or Alive
-    This day in history

9AM (2):

-    The alleged rape victims of Bill Cosby have appeared on the cover of New York magazine.
-    Speaking of rape, how many women has Bill Clinton raped?
-    Mayor Anise Parker redacted a statement she made on Twitter that referred to Houstonians as “bigots.”

9AM (3):

-    A list has been compiled outlining the creepiest professional sports mascots of all time.
-    A 34-year-old woman was recently busted for attempting to smuggle 13 pounds of illegal drugs across the Mexico-Arizona border. It was her attempt to flirt with the Border Patrol that raised red flags.
-    The president of Kenya has essentially told Obama to go ‘f’ himself.

9AM (4):

-    Billy Ed has a driving tip for you
-    Some people just love the show because there’s not a lot of thinking that goes on.



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