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July 1st, 2015
Today on WJ

5AM (1):

-    Have you checked out photos of the White House lately? The perimeter fence will be getting a new top today complete with a new set of spikes and defense mechanisms.
-    According to reports, there are more people in the U.S. that speak Spanish as their primary language than there are Spanish speakers in Spain.

5AM (2):

-    There’s a list that compiles the best and worst cities to celebrate the 4th of July in.
-    This day in history: The Sony Walkman was released on this day in 1979.
-    An iconic Civil Rights leader says that banning the confederate flag was a waste of time and that black lives don’t matter to other black people.

6AM (1):

-    Billy Ed wants to congratulate the first principal dancer ballerina in the American Ballet Theater, Misty Copeland.

6AM (2):

-    We’re told that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce. Could it be due to the urging on our behalf?
-    Sources indicate that Hillary Clinton had multiple email addresses for her own personal use, despite the fact that she denied having them.

6AM (3):

-    Parody: Hillary Clinton’s lost emails
-    Would you buy sushi from 7-11? Apparently in Los Angeles you can find sushi at 7-11 and Walgreens.

6AM (4):

-    The only reason anyone still uses a BlackBerry is for security, hence Hillary’s reason for using the device to send emails.

7AM (1)

-    Parody: From the creators of The Terminator, check out the Transgendernator!
-    Mr. Eaux wants to know why there hasn’t been a black Terminator yet.
-    When you do a shout out on the radio and don’t mention every single person in your life, you’ve failed.
-    Seems like every place you go these days asks you if you have a gun at home.

7AM (2):

-    Street Audio: Producer Ken hit the strand in Galveston to talk to Dandy Crow about his opinion on gay marriage.

7AM (3):

-    Parody: It’s likely that Apple’s Siri has always been a deceptive ploy of the NSA
-    The media’s job is to pour sugar all over the sour-faced Hillary Clinton. Perhaps her campaign song should be “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
-    It’s been uncovered that Hillary had multiple personal email accounts on her BlackBerry.

7AM (4):

-    Parody: Are you gay and looking for a confederate flag? Look no further than Flag Liquidators.
-    You’d be shocked to learn how often people get tasered in the hospital.

8AM (1):

-    Street Audio: Producer Ken talks to Dandy Crow about weed
-    An 80-year-old man in the hospital was tased in an effort to try to get him to comply.
-    Parody: Apple’s next revolution is incredible – just give them your money!

8AM (2):

-    Parody: Thug notes reviews Animal Farm
-    A woman in Arizona has become the first person with no arms to be awarded a black belt.
-    Sadly, the black belt doesn’t represent what it used to. You can almost buy your certification these days
-    100 years ago today the first nude movie scene was shot.

8AM (3):

-    Street Audio: Producer Ken talks to Dandy Crow about how to hustle hoes in Galveston
-    An important Civil Rights activist believes that removing the confederate flag has no bearing on racism or black lives.

8AM (4):

-    Trump and Ben Carson are doing better in the polls than we thought. Mainstream media won’t tell you this, however.
-    If you have something coming via FedEx today, you may be out of luck. A FedEx plane landed safely after reports of smoke from the cargo bay.

9AM (1):

-    Researchers in England have created a video game that allows you to lose weight while simply sitting on the couch.
-    Celebrity Birthdays
-    A teenage girl and her friend were at the drive-thru when they saw a chubby worker at the counter. Turns out the man was masturbating right in front of them then entire time.
-    Facebook will begin banning posts that contain images of the confederate flag. This is all the more reason to leave the service altogether.

9AM (2):

-    A new study shows that the intelligence of men and women are equal.
-    When you see the phrase “ta-da” in print, it just screams gay.  
-    A man successfully robbed a bank with a wheelchair. If we were the owner of the wheelchair company, we’d tout that as a selling point.

9AM (3):

-    Should the Confederate Jasmine (plant) be removed from the campus of LSU? It serves as an odiferous reminder of blatant racism and oppression.
-    Sean Penn has moved on to something younger, which means Charlize Theoron, our favorite little African American is free.
9AM (4):

-    NASA cut a live video feed shot from the ISS that depicted 3 UFOs flying through the frame.
-    A Hispanic woman is suing Matt Groeining for being racist against his Hispanic housekeepers. The irony is that Groening’s wife is Mexican.



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