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June 18th, 2015
Today on W&J

5AM (1):

-    Good news for fans of Brian Williams: He won’t be fired from NBC; he’ll simply be demoted to MSNBC. Lester Holt will remain in the prime time position.
-    A man in Charleston, South Carolina walked into a black church and open fired on a bible study group.

5AM (2):

-    ‘Heterosexual privilege’ is being denounced in one Wisconsin university.
-    Do yourself a favor and check out the Rachel Dolezal glamour shots if you haven’t already.

6AM (1):

-    Audio: Two planes almost ran into each other at Chicago O’Hare, although you wouldn’t know it by listening to the audio.
-    Golfers are complaining about course conditions at the US Open. Why would they complain about the course that everyone will play on?

6AM (2):

-    This day in history
-    The man that shot 9 people at the South Carolina church is still on the loose. Authorities claim to know nothing about the man, but reports say the man in 21 years of age.
-    We hate the phrase “hate crime”

6AM (3):

-    Today is Mr. Eaux’s birthday. As a black guy, how much ‘black privilege’ should he receive?
In a country where we’re constantly reminded not to see color, all the media perpetrates are racial hate crimes.
-    According to one report, American have lost confidence in all institutions including banks, Congress, the President and religion.

6AM (4):

-    Audio: Have you heard rapper “Tyga’s” new song?
-    Good news: Sean Penn is through with Charlize Theron.

7AM (1)

-    We’re going to offend many right now, but letting women vote was a mistake of colossal proportions.
-    This day in history
-    Tommy Chong is having yet another battle with cancer.
-    Is there such a thing as a rap ballad?

7AM (2):

-    Audio: Have kids? Here’s a sample of the kind of music they’re listening to…
-    An image of a fried rat found in a box of KFC chicken is going viral. The company is denying the claims that the object is a rat despite the suspicious shape.
-    Scientists have discovered the reason people love cat videos so much and it all has to do with mood.
-    Texas and North Dakota have the best job growth in the country.
-    Two years after a plastic bag ban was implemented in Austin, research indicates that more damage was done to the environment had the ban not been put in place.

7AM (3):

-    Audio: Can any of you AM listeners spot the difference between this recorded commercial and regular AM radio?

7AM (4):

-    A device that lets you control the TV with your mind may soon be commercially available.

8AM (1):

-    Parody: What would the Republican derby sound like?
-    Al Sharpton only comes around when white people commit crimes against black people.
-    Emails – Troy wants to know why one’s state of mind plays a factor in the classification of a crime. Case in point: a ‘hate crime’ – hate is not a crime.

8AM (2):

-    What’s the hold up for the erection of the Walton & Johnson statue? Maybe it’s the placement…
-    Who’s responsible for paying Al Sharpton when he comes into town?
-    You can’t walk into a Hawaiian restaurant and not see SPAM on the menu

8AM (3):

-    Tom, a man from Tennessee called the cops on his neighbors for having loud sex. After cops left, the neighbors turned their rage against Tom and beat him with a rake. Turns out the neighbors had 76 arrests between the two of them.
-    A judge should be able to write a “put to sleep” order, which would mandate people be killed based on their stupidity.
-    Did you catch horned toads when you were a kid?

8AM (4):

-    Parody: The Rachel Dolezal sex tape is available at a sex shop near you, but no one seems to know what section it’s in.
-    Do you approve of implanting GPS devices in ex-cons to track them?
-    Salon.com wants all of America to answer for one white lunatic

9AM (1):

-    Celebrity Birthdays
-    The guard house at the River Oaks Country Club lives in a better house than most people.
-    A Houston boy named Cole Hammer is making waves in the professional golf community.

9AM (2):

-    Today is the Michael Ekstein’s birthday.
-    Porsche has topped the list as the most reliable car in the world.

9AM (3):

-    Due to the popularity of the beer Corona, there may be a nationwide shortage over the summer.
-    Would you guess Nutella is destroying the environment?
-    The identity of the South Carolina shooter has been released.
-    As predicted, many are calling for more gun control after the church shooting in South Carolina. Ironically, of the states with the most liberal gun laws, South Carolina ranks fairly high on the list.

9AM (4):

-    Parody: Every year the image of Dad on Father’s Day is always the same.
-    The South Carolina shooter has been identified. As expected, he has an extreme set of views.
-    Where does Hillary get her Chairman Mao jacket?



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