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May 27th, 2015
Today on WJ

5AM (1):

-          Here’s an idea: The next person to create a reality show dies.

-          Movie producers continue to remake movies that should never be remade in the first place. How about something new for a change?

5AM (2):

-          If you were to take a shot every time a Houston news person said the word “historic” you’d be drunk by noon.

-          So much of people’s misfortune is caused by the manifestation of their own fear.


6AM (1):

-          Parody: Colin Kaepernick does standup comedy

-          A new survey reveals the most pleasant smells known to man.

-          The state board of education voted unanimously against the use of any kind of ‘racist’ name for a sports team.

6AM (2):

-          A Denmark radio show beat a live rabbit to death on the air to make a statement about meat eating. How is this any different than killing Taylor Swift’s cat on the air?

-          Can you think of anything more boring than hunting deer live on the air?

-          What if Jim Nance were to be the commentator for a deer hunt?

6AM (3):

-          It’s early, but we already have the email of the day. Scott decided to forward us a few naked pics of his ex girlfriend.

6AM (4):

-          A law may soon be in place called the “Bill Cosby Law”

-          Audio: Amy Schumer thinks Bill Cosby shouldn’t get thrown under the bus

-          Parody: Bill Cosby has a few tips to enhance your summer fun!

-          Yesterday a picture Leonardo DiCaprio appeared with his ‘man bun’ and a selfie stick.

-          Have you tried to summon the Mexican demon, Charlie? Others have tried without success.

-          Someone hacked the adultfriendfinder website and stole thousands of people’s personal information.

-          If a guy in Africa can buy Obama’s daughter, why can’t we?



7AM (1)

-          Disturbing news: Obama may be selling his 16-year-old daughter.

-          Parody: Mayor Porker decided to weigh in on flood rescue assistance of the homeless.

7AM (2):

-          Can you name this tune? A new ‘super group’ featuring musicians from Better Than Ezra and other mediocre bands have formed.

-          This day in history – Almost 40 years ago today Smokey and the Bandit hit the big screen.

-          Have you seen Texas Rising yet?

-          Texas Equusearch is having a fundraiser this weekend.

7AM (3):

-          Parody: Shalom Shaolin – coming to a theater near you!

-          Taser Report – Would you believe it if someone told you a cop tasered a man having a seizure?

-          Cops have a pack mentality these days and it’s becoming detrimental to their public image.


7AM (4):

-          Someone has told the President “no” and he’s pissed off.

-          Parody: What did the Home Depot sound like just minutes after Obama got into office?


8AM (1):


-          How many musical selections does Billy Ed have off the top of his head?

-          TLC might as well be the molestation channel now. 4 shows have currently been cancelled due to allegations of child molestation.

-          If it isn’t raining where you are, it probably will be soon.

-          Audio: Jen Psaki doesn’t seem to have a solid answer for anything.


8AM (2):



-          Parody: Climate change isn’t real but Barack would have you think otherwise

-          The head of NOAA decided today is a good day to release the predictions for the 2015 hurricane season.


8AM (3):


-          5 Random Facts

-          Our local CBS affiliate KHOU-TV is accepting photo submissions of the rain in Houston. Someone sent in a photo of a scene from Jurassic Park only to have an intern post it, not knowing what movie it was from.


8AM (4):


-          It’s officially grilling season, so here’s a list of some of the strangest things that people have ever tried to grill. The list includes such things as fruit.

-          New additions to the Merriam-Webster dictionary include the acronyms “WTF” and “NSFW”

-          Arian Foster’s street is currently underwater. His house, however, is high and dry.



9AM (1):


-          Over 1100 people have died in India due to the intense heat.

-          Celebrity Birthdays


9AM (2):

-          Nancy Pelosi wants you to know that the US is making great strides against ISIS on social media. Wait, what?

-          Parody: Fighting ISIS on Twitter

-          If you took a Warren Miller skiing film and put a plot in it, what would you get?

-          The Golden State Warriors have issued a press release highlighting their victory over the Houston Rockets.

-          The Colonel is coming back to KFC.


9AM (3):


-          How much will Barack’s daughter go for?

-          Audio: Can you identify the horrible words in this rap song?

-          Audio: An illegal immigrant asked Ann Coulter for a hug and she refused

-          Kris Jenner is trying to have the word “momager” trademarked. The word is the portmanteau of the words “mom” and “manager.”


9AM (4):

-          Good News: There may be someone else to vote for besides Hillary.

-          Who makes the best fried chicken?

-          We want to encourage all you women to send us your naked selfies.





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