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May 6th, 2010

In late 2006, the IRS came to a brilliant realization:  Most people would happily send another person to prison for the right price.  So, they got a law passed that says:  If you turn in a tax cheat, you're guaranteed 15% of what the IRS recovers.
The law took effect in 2008 and now, a few years later, the IRS is happy to report that it's working TO PERFECTION.
The IRS's whistleblower office is getting about 40 to 50 tips a month on potential tax cheats . . . which they say is a quote, "dramatic jump" since the law passed.
But under the new law, they only want cases where they're being shorted $2 MILLION or more . . .

But if you do tip them off on a big-money tax evasion case and they make a successful bust, you'll get at least 15% and up to 30% of what they recover . . . depending on how good the info is.
But so far, no one's gotten paid . . . and no one will for a while. 

The catch, the IRS says that it'll take five to seven years for the reward to make it through the system . . . and that's if, quote, "all the stars align."   

Translation: Don't hold your breath on getting that payout.

(Yahoo! News)



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