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February 12th, 2015
Today on WJ

5AM (1):

-         Did you buy the winning Power Ball ticket in Texas last night? If so, please contact us for details on how to distribute your funds.

-         Instead of a Sleep Number bed, why not a Sleep Letter bed? “F” would be our letter, of course.

-         The Republicans are basically looking for another Mitt Romney.

5AM (2):

-         Here’s another sign that Brian Williams is done: Charlie Sheen has come out in support of the ‘genius’ of the anchor.

-         60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a car crash yesterday.

6AM (1):

-         If Barack is so powerful, why did he ask for the permission of Congress to “go to war” against ISIS?

-         All the freedoms you’ve enjoyed on the Internet may come to a screeching hault in a matter of weeks.

-         Emails

-         According to reports, the killer of Chris Kyle is concerned about getting a fair trial.

6AM (2):

-         The winning Power Ball ticket was sold in the North Texas town of Princeton.

-         This day in history: Back in the day, jazz was for junkies, not regular people.

6AM (3):

-         Parody: Have you seen check out The Real Housewives of ISIS?

-         There were three winners of the Power Ball jackpot last night. The grand total of the prize: $560 million.

-         Calling sports games on the radio is nothing like it used to be with the aid of computers.

6AM (4):

-         Have you done your tax preparations yet? In the end, the IRS is coming to take your money whether you like it or not.

-         According to reports, Harry Carry was so bored with the game of baseball that he would pre-record some of his segments and hit the bar on his downtime.

7AM (1)

-         The fact that a large portion of Texas liberals are ready for Hillary is disturbing.

-         Did you hear Paul McCartney’s collaboration with Rihanna during the Grammy’s?

7AM (2):

-         Is Obama already way ahead of the vote on Net Neutrality?

-         The MSM is refusing to cover the vote on Net Neutrality.

-         The problem in America is that everybody wants everyone else to do something.

7AM (3):

-         Audio: Charles Barkley has a good perspective on life.

-         According to entertainment sites, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton had an argument at the Grammys.

-         Do yourself a favor and never listen to Bob Dylan’s new album. It’s obvious that if his name wasn’t attached to it, no one would care.

7AM (4):

-         60 Minutes reporter Bob Simon has died in a car crash.

-         How much of a rise in rear-end accidents has there been since texting became prevalent? The number is a staggering 83 percent.

-         Audio: People come to the government to “feed their souls.” What kind of disillusioned person would believe this?

8AM (1):

-         Parody: Blessed is the government! Have you shown your respect today?

-         February the 26th,the FCC will hold a vote amongst themselves to determine the fate of the Internet.

-         Back in the 70s, there was no free lunch program.

8AM (2):

-         Audio: LA liberal can’t believe that a Chinatown food stand is selling frozen coons.

-         A Republican politician from Montana wants to institute a ban on all yoga pants.

8AM (3):

-         Parody: Have you checked out The Real Housewives of ISIS?

-         Are you tired of the run-of-the-mill chocolates that you can get at CVS? A chocolate company has now produced a powder available in snortable form.

-         Tom Benson made a multi-million dollar donation to the Football Hall of Fame to allow them to rebuild their stadium. Of course this means the stadium will be renamed in his honor.

-         Truth be known, most professional football players would rather do away with pre-season games in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

8AM (4):

-         Parody: What would happen is Sharia Law came to the US?

-         This day in history: 53 years ago today a Barbie doll could be bought for $3.

9AM (1):

-         If you travel to San Antonio, keep in mind that the butt crack is sacred!

-         Celebrity Birthdays

-         Wouldn’t it be great to come in on Monday and discover that 50 Shades of Grey bombed at the box office?

9AM (2):

-         Looking back at songs of the 80s and 90s sure makes you feel old.

9AM (3):

-         No need to wonder how Net Neutrality will pan out if it gets instituted, just look at China.

-         Vladimir Putin has agreed to a ceasefire with Ukraine.

-         Did you see Annie Lennox at the Grammys the other night? According to few friends of Mr. Kenneth, there’s a striking resemblance between the pair.

-         Some speculate the reason that Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show is because he is sick.

9AM (4):

-         Would you burn your own house down just to collect the insurance?

-         If you commit a crime, don’t write about it on social media. One East Coast man learned this the hard way.

-         Shocking: 4 out of 5 people kiss their pet more often than they kiss their significant other.




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by Deliverance

Joba - 2015-12-26
Love the photo of your pedicures!! How aowesme that you take the time to do something so fun with your daughters...mine are jealous!! I know all too well the stresses of working a full time job to support your family, on top of constantly seeking the optimal parenting approach to help your challenging children heal and grow. Keep up the blogging! We all need to learn from each other, and you need the support for your very challenging situation.
by Joba

Songs Played - 2015-02-12
Please send me the song you played on the show between 9 and 10 am on 02-12-15. thanks
by charles

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