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January 30th, 2015
Today on the W&J Show!

5AM (1):

-         All of the pop ups that come up when you read a news website is maddening. It does nothing but make the user go somewhere else.

-         Parody: What would happen if the NFL censored our everyday lives?

-         Shocking: Shocking Suge Night may have killed someone.

5AM (2):

-         Is Bill Clinton a pedophile? Several girls have come forward claiming that Clinton had inappropriate relations with them when they were teenagers.

-         The Iron Curtain of Russia was referred to as a ‘curtain’ for a specific reason. No one could leave.

-         Radio is complaining about poor ratings while at the same time deserting its main customer by launching hundreds of rap and Mexican station across the country.

-         Barbara Boxer is leaving Congress.

-         Republicans aren’t really Republicans anymore.

6AM (1):

-         There are not many news stories more interesting than a goat beheading in Louisiana. Be on the lookout for Muslims and terrorist sympathizers.

-         Starting in May, non-stop flights to Branson, MO will be offered from New Orleans International Airport.

6AM (2):

-         Las Vegas is the second most popular destination for the Super Bowl.

6AM (3):

-         Guest: Ashley – Honor Flights Houston

6AM (4):

-         Parody: Harrison Ford has a great idea for a Star Wars commercial.

-         Star Wars people and Star Trek people hate being confused for one another.

-         Gwyneth Paltrow gets her vagina steam cleaned.

-         A study listing the most effective questions that can help people fall in love has been released.

7AM (1)

-         Audio: A woman stormed a pro-Muslim rally in Austin yesterday.

-         A news story out of DC almost sounds like a story generated by The Onion. According to one politician, the Taliban does ‘terroristic things’ but they are not on a list of dangerous organizations.

7AM (2):

-         A Florida man was acting out the lyrics to a Waka Waka Flame song and proceeded to kill his girlfriend’s brother.

-         Parody: Let’s play “What’s that thug saying?”

-         Did Suge Night really kill someone?

-         It makes people uncomfortable when they don’t hear frequent reference to the Super Bowl on radio or television.

7AM (3):

-         Audio: Key and Peele spoof the ridiculous names of many NFL players

-         To no one’s surprise, Barack Obama wants to get more people on government assistance.

-         According to Newt Gingrich, Obama is the “Food stamp president.”

7AM (4):

-         Why is it that every year during the Super Bowl there’s always a commercial that’s ‘too controversial’ to be aired on television.

-         Audio: Is NASCAR’s Super Bowl commercial too controversial?

-         NBC will be the new carrier of NASCAR.

-         Much support has been shown for our guest Kennedy yesterday.

-         Audio: Kennedy went on Sheppard Smith’s program and he got creepy.

8AM (1):

-         Audio: Odell Beckham Jr. and Drew Brees set a Guinness World Record with the most one-handed football catches in a 60 second period.

-         According to reports, viewers of the Super Bowl will only see 17 minutes of football this weekend.  

8AM (2):

-         Parody: When you unnecessarily censor things they become dirty.

-         According to Al Sharpton, there will be no man named “Lynch” in charge of him.

-         Audio: Would you display a trophy that declares you a Waste Management champion?

-         A new app called the “pplkpr” will help you eliminate which people you need to eliminate from your life.

8AM (3):

-         Have you ever dangled your participle? Some English teachers take this principle too far.

8AM (4):

-         Sadly, many people will miss the Super Bowl this weekend because they’ll be watching Game of Thrones in IMAX.

-         Have you seen American Sniper yet?

-         Audio: John McCain ripped protesters a new one during the Kissinger hearing.

-         What’s on the big screen this weekend?

9AM (1):

-         5 Random Facts

-         Celebrity Birthdays

-         Question: Would Jackie Robinson have been so celebrated if he weren’t black?

-         This day in history

9AM (2):

-         Guest: Chris needs a job after making a comment about the President on Facebook.

-         Was Johnny Depp attacked by a Chupacabra over the weekend?

9AM (3):

-         This day in history

-         A list has been released detailing the earnings you need take in per year to be classified as a one-percenter.

-         Emails

-         Notice how much time we didn’t spend talking about the Super Bowl on today’s show?

9AM (4):

-         According to one man, a form of ‘mass hypnosis’ is being used on the American people to make them believe in global warming.

-         Boko Haram is now using sheep and other animals as live bombs.

-         If you go over to someone’s house this weekend and they have a goat head on the counter you need to call the police?




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