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January 26th, 2015
Today on the WJ radio network!

5AM (1):

-         Not to be a Felix Unger, but this place is a mess when we come in after the weekends.

-         According to the NFL, broadcasters are prohibited from using the term “Super Bowl” in broadcasts. Instead “The Big Game” is recommended for use.

-         What’s the likelihood that there will be a controversy during the Super Bowl next week?

5AM (2):

-         Shocking: An unmanned drone appeared in White House airspace over the weekend. The President was conveniently out of town, however.

-         In present day America, it’s unacceptable to disagree with the gay lifestyle.

-         According to a study, 25 percent of Americans believe that God has a hand in the Super Bowl outcome.

6AM (1):

-         The biggest thing we can do to help America is to take people like Jeb Bush out of office.

-         Jeb Bush said recently that we should ask illegals to politely leave America.

-         How much does it cost taxpayers to clean up the mess that rioters in places like Ferguson make while protesting? Turns out that it’s somewhere north of $75 million.

-         Billy Ed wants to see the day when the Monday after the Super Bowl becomes a national holiday.

-         Paul Ryan recently released a list of some of the proposed programs that could be cut in order to reduce government spending. The list includes donations to organizations like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Endowment for the Arts.

6AM (2):

-         5 Random Facts

-         What exactly is Cheese Whiz?

-         What would you do if you were in the middle of a threesome and someone whipped out a knife?

6AM (3):

-         Why is it that you never see horses having a threesome? Maybe they just like a little more privacy…

-         If we could harness all the creative energy that people put into making YouTube videos and posting other crap on social media, how different would the world be?

-         Audio: 100 impersonations in less than 4 minutes.

6AM (4):

-         American Sniper continues to dominate in the box office ratings.  

-         No one went to Johnny Depp’s new movie this weekend. How much of a blow to Depp’s ego will this cause him?

-         The CDC has released a list of the states with the highest rate of STDs. Texas checks in at number 11, while Louisiana comes in at number 2. Taking first place is Alaska.

7AM (1)

-         How revved up are you for the ‘Big Game?’

-         If the NFL can be a ‘non-profit organization,’ any company can do the same.

-         Parody: Katie Perry’s thoughts on the Super Bowl

-         Today is Australia Day; how will you celebrate?

7AM (2):

-         Happy Australia Day!  

-         How many Jewish people are living in Australia?

-         Someone stole Billy Ed’s idea: A yamaka covered in human hair.

7AM (3):

-         Taser Report: A special Australian edition

-         We were all shocked to hear that SkyMall went out of business on Friday.

-         The Shopping Channel is essentially a glorified shopping show for old people.

7AM (4):

-         Turns out that Australia and America aren’t as different as we think.

-         Audio: Try this Australian product made specifically for ‘decks’

-         Calls: Rhonda tells us about the differences between African Americans and Australian aboriginal people.

-         How long will American Sniper stay in theaters?

-         Jeb Bush sounds like every other Bush that came before him. 

8AM (1):

-         Calls – Caller Jason doesnt know how to follow the rules, but wants Don Trump to run for president. We think…

-         Does Donald Trump really respect Dennis Rodman?

-         President Obama is currently touring India. You can track his day-to-day itinerary online.

-         Martin Scorsese is producing a movie about Bill Clinton. This has raised concern from the Clinton’s how it might affect Hillary’s campaign if she chooses to run.  

8AM (2):

-         4 dead, 24 wounded over the weekend in Chicago. Good thing gun control is in place.

-         Emails

-         Barack wants you to think that Muslims are part of the history of America. When you look around, do you see any Muslim hospitals, schools, or any other indicator that this is a true statement?

8AM (3):

-         The NFL league licenses logos for use on certain products. Does this include crack pipes?

-         Do you think someone should be prohibited from naming their daughter “Nutella?” In France, one judge has done just this.

-         Are you a Peter Pan or Jif kind of person?

-         The benefit of eating peanut butter with nuts in it is that it helps you time your digestive system.

-         It was pretty easy to predict the winner of the Miss Universe pageant.  

8AM (4):

-         Strangely, the weather service is now naming storms like they do with hurricanes.

-         Parody: Jonathon Hughes tells us the real reason the North East will suffer a debilitating snow storm this week.

9AM (1):

-         Parody: The CEO of SkyMall speaks out about the closing of the company.

-         Celebrity Birthdays  

9AM (2):

-         A Napa, California man is suing Kaiser Permanente because of the ‘erosion’ his penis underwent after they inserted a catheter into his urethra.

-         Which movies bombed at the box office this weekend? 

9AM (3):

-         The TSA released a report that details the contraband found in a typical day across the country. Guns, knives and drugs are much more common than you think.  

-         Where can you get ninja throwing stars?

-         A 17-year-old in New York was arrested for making terroristic threats against the police on Facebook using only emojis.

-         Parody: What REALLY happens when Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush get together?

-         Who knew that you can actually rent a goat?

9AM (4):

-         Check out the list the CDC put out that outlines the states that rank the highest in STDs.  

-         In the Philippines, over 20 people have been gunned down by MILFs!

-         Al Gore is teaming up with a former Mexican president to push for $90 trillion in spending in hopes to ban cars from all cities.

-         Irony alert: 1,700 private jets flew into Switzerland to discuss global warming.




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