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Princess - 2015-10-13
I have two crazy little boys! Everyday I watch them do the csetut, and funniest things. I wish I could capture all these amazing little moments better. I love this idea. The best way to really see my boys is through everyday activites. I want to look back 20 years from now and truely remember these things about them. I have no knowledge of cameras at all! What would be a good recommendation for a camera so I can start taking awesome everyday pics![]
by Princess

Therealjeff - 2015-10-13
deses ai eu assisti Jogos Mortais e Ninja Assassino ,ne3o gotsei do Ninja Assassino,mas amo a serie de filme de Jogos Mortais ,acho que e9 dos melhores filmes do geanero de terror
by Therealjeff

buddy - 2015-01-11
Come back soon. Miss you with my morning exercise. Best hour of the day.
by buddy

WTH? A day w/o WNJ is a like a day with a liberal - 2015-01-09
Yeah, I get it you should have time with family and time to recharge, but WHEN do I get a fresh fix of my WNJ? I am doing my best to convert my California friends by encouraging them to listen to you guys on their cell phones.
by Marne Jameson

- 2015-01-09
When will you be back from vacation
by George Dean

New year - 2015-01-09
When are you coming back?
by Janet santa

Where are yall? - 2015-01-09
Hope yall are back next week. I am worried yall will not be back on the air. Love your show.
by Selton

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