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December 18th, 2014
Today on W&J

5AM (1):

-         The US does a few things well, this includes making movies. North Korea has now shut that down.

-         Barack has ‘normalized’ our relations with Cuba.

-         Let’s face it: Barack is as big of a communist as the Castro brothers.

-         A dreidel emblazoned with the name of rapper Dr. Dre is available for purchase. Will you get yours to celebrate the Jewish holiday?

5AM (2):

-         Some say that a new social networking policy in Tennessee may be infringing on the First Amendment.

-         The new female head of ICE says that many illegal immigrants have a right to citizenship. One Senator has called her out, saying that this is an unacceptable view for the head of ICE.

-         No one was asking for normalized relations with Cuba.

-         Is it too soon to go celebrate New Years in Havana?

-         What will the lifting of the Cuban embargo mean for the cigar world?

6AM (1):

-         Elton John is getting married to his gay lover this weekend.

-         A video of Hugh Jackman doing squats has just been released. Should this be John and Steve’s wedding gift to Elton?

-         Used to be that successful radio DJs had their own offices to settle in and hang their awards. Not anymore.

6AM (2):

-         Audio: A flight from Seoul to Dallas had to be diverted after encountering an extreme case of turbulence.

-         America is a nation filled with scared, gutless cowards.

-         Russia is like Houston back in 1983; their entire economy is based on oil.

-         Drew Breeze says he’s ready for the Falcons!

6AM (3):

-         Audio: Thanks to Producer Ken’s hacking skills, we’ve procured secret Bill Cosby voicemails.

-         A nationwide poll revealed that Gone with the Wind is still the favorite film of Americans.

6AM (4):

-         Parody: Sony Pictures wants to apologize for hurting North Korea’s feelings.

-         Seth Rogen now has 24 hour security protecting him against any attacks related to his new movie.

7AM (1)

-         Calls

-         Parody: Bob Dylan covers NWA classics

7AM (2):

-         Parody: Bill Cosby sings the holiday classics

-         Let’s take a moment to apologize to an offended listener.

-         Audio: Jimmy Fallen does a great Ringo impression

7AM (3):

-         Parody: This holiday season, try Dixon Farm’s new hard Dixon cider.

-         Parody: Check out Christmas will Al Sharpton

-         Taser report

7AM (4):

-         Parody: Morgan Freeman has some sage advice for those buying for that hard-to-find friend or relative.

-         Parody: I’ll be stoned for Christmas

-         Interesting news: In states where marijuana has been legalized, teen use of the plant has gone down. The bad news is that teen use of more illicit drugs is up.

-         When the government declares war on something, the problem always gets worse, not better.

-         Sony has shelved Seth Rogen’s The Interview

-         We ask ourselves every day, “What would Putin do?”

-         If Obama were anything like Putin, he’d have Kim Jong Un killed.

8AM (1):

-         5 Random Facts

8AM (2):

-         Truth is, America is getting to be meaner country each year that passes.

-         Parody: Thug Notes – Christmas edition

-         Audio: A man dressed as Megatron at Universal Studios read the right act to a girl taking a selfie in front of him.

8AM (3):

-         Audio: Obama has lifted the US’s embargo ban with Cuba

-         Obama’s ‘normalization’ of relations with Cuba serves to do nothing but distract Americans.

-         The British Medical Journal has discovered that men received more Darwin Awards than women over the years.

-         Florida ranks first as the state with the most visible Christmas lights from space.

8AM (4):

-         Parody: SheJack is having one hell of a Christmas blow out!

-         Blake’s barbeque is here are we’re all in a great mood!

9AM (1):

-         Parody: Are you easily offended? Check out the new inoffensive cuts of your favorite holiday tunes!

-         Celebrity Birthdays

-         Parody: It’s the end of the year as we know it

9AM (2):

-         Christmas is only a week away.

-         Parody: This portion of the show brought to you by Cowboy Dicks ice cream

-         Parody: The holidays can be torture, the CIA knows best.

-         Congratulations to Stevie Wonder for his ninth child.

-         Stevie Wonder is quite the horn dog. What else do you when you’re blind?

9AM (3):

-         Guest: Chris Crass – Speaker, 2015 The White Privilege Conference  

9AM (4):

-         Emails – White Privilege speaker Chris Crass got 10-percenters riled up!

-         Interesting fact: The US was responsible for just 4 percent of the world’s slaves. 96 percent of slaves were held elsewhere across the globe




End of the world parody - 2014-12-19
How can I get that recording it was awesome
by Ross

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