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December 3rd, 2014
Today on the show!

5AM (1):

-         The first openly gay umpire has come forward. Fact is: nobody cares.

-         Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we didn’t know anything about the sexual proclivities of other people? Kevin Spacey thinks so.  

5AM (2):

-         There’s little coverage of the Missouri man that was beaten to death with hammers by black protesters.

6AM (1):

-         Parody: Come to “Rucky River” – voted number one in Chinatown!

-         How do we know that all of our computers aren’t rigged to track us from the get go?

-         The government probably needs to subsidize the hiring of Ray Rice in order to give him some special breaks.

6AM (2):

-         Orlando man Phu Kyu has been arrested. The name alone makes us want to visit.

-         What are the chances that Bill Cosby actually raped the alleged victims that have come forward?

Why have so many women come forward after 40 years to incriminate Bill Cosby on alleged rape charges?

-         Follow up: Turns out that the case of the girl whose pit bulls ate a neighbor’s beagle never made it to court.

6AM (3):

-         Audio: The 2014 CMT artist of the year is Merle Haggard.

-         A British T-Mobile customer was unable to cancel her dead husband’s cell phone account because they didn’t believe the man had actually died. To fix this, she brought the ashes to the store.  

-         Is Vladimir Putin making outrageous claims just to get W&J to talk about him?

-         Americans that come home from fighting for ISIS shouldn’t even be allowed reenter the country.

6AM (4):

-         Calls

-         The number one name for baby boys in England in Mohammed.

-         Parody: Get ready for Supercuts, the Caucasian-friendly version of Barbershop.

-         What exactly does Cedric the Entertainer do?

-         If you could make your farts smell like roses and chocolate, would you? One man claims to have the answer in the form of a pill.

7AM (1)

-         The president seems to get a new professional liar every few months.

-         Audio: President Obama’s new choice for ambassador of Hungary is a soap opera star. Be assured, however, that Barack has all the confidence in the world in her abilities.

-         Emails

7AM (2):

-         Parody: Bill Cosby doesn’t seem to be doing much to separate himself from his recent rape allegations.

-         Mary Landrieu is a millionaire and seeks only to further her place in the bacon-wrapped shrimp club.

-         Emails – The Cowboy Dick’s ice cream parody was a big hit

7AM (3):

-         Parody: Have you tried the new Hard Dixon Cider?

-         Parody: Fill your mouth with Cowboy Dick ice cream

-         Is the biggest issue in Ferguson is cultural failure?

-         Yesterday, 4 members of Congress raised their hands in support of the shooting of Michael Brown. The irony is that they all voted for what they are now against: the militarization of police forces.

-          Why is Barack the only one that calls ISIS by their new name “ISIL?”

7AM (4):

-         Tragedy in India!

8AM (1):

-         A man in Wal Mart has been arrested for attempting to steal 6 pounds of cow tongue by placing it down his pants.

-         A woman on YouTube created a video called “Meat Beat” where she slapped her half-naked body with various types of meat.

8AM (2):

-         Why doesn’t anyone want to date Kathleen Turner anymore? According to one listener, Ms. Turner looks like a man because of a severe bout with arthritis.

-         A new study finds that men are more likely to fantasize about cheating than women. Duh…

8AM (3):

-         Is Les Miles going to coach at Michigan? After all he’s had his run at LSU and it may be time for a change.

-         The first gay baseball umpire has revealed himself to the world. Does this indicate that a new wave of gay ‘firsts’ is on the way?

-         Parody: Say hello to the world’s first heterosexual ice skater!

8AM (4):

-         In England, specific sexual acts such as fisting and face sitting have been banned.

-         Obamacare is specifically designed to fool people and so far it’s worked.

-         Calls – How do gay people feel about the fact that this administration has made a spectacle out of them by applauding them for being the ‘first gay ‘whatever?

9AM (1):

-         Celebrity birthdays

-         Remember “festival seating” at concert venues? They haven’t had that since 1979.

-         Anderson Cooper underwent an emergency appendectomy the other night. Does anyone really care?

9AM (2):

-         5 random facts

-         The Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding photo was the most liked instagram photo of all time.

-         Burt Reynolds has an open invitation to come up to the show and try and beat our asses. We all know he’s too old.

9AM (3):

-         Is there big money in the hair weave business? Why are so many men stealing weaves from beauty shops?

-         We’ve invited every speaker of the 2015 White Privilege Conference to be a guest on the W&J show. No one has accepted, however.

9AM (4):

-         A large funder of the Obama administration has been convicted and charged with having sex with multiple children. You won’t hear of this story on any liberal news outlet.

-         Chicago has decided to raise its minimum wage requirement to $13 an hour. Question is: how quickly will the city turn in to Detroit?







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