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November 21st, 2014
Today on W&J

5AM (1):

-         If you’re an average American, it’s likely you didn’t see Barack’s speech on immigration last night because it wasn’t aired on most networks.

-         How many women have been raped by Bill Cosby?

5AM (2):

-         The allegations against Cosby may be aimed at ruining the reputation of conservative black people.

-         How many women that have worked with Bill Cosby haven’t been raped by him?

-         Stacy Dash expressed her support for Bill Cosby in his recent rape allegations. According to her, Cosby never made any kind of advances towards her.

6AM (1):

-         Audio: Replay – Winston thinks the show is so racist that he quit his job!

-         Parody: “Everyone’s a little bit racist”

-         Calls

6AM (2):

-         In an effort to accommodate our new residents, it’s wise for us to learn a bit of their language.

-         Calls

-         Winston can try all he wants to be an Al Sharpton, but he’ll never live up to the legacy.

-         Parody – Betty Butterfield speaks out against the Ferguson rioters.

6AM (3):

-         NBC has told Bill Cosby that he can’t continue with his plans to run a comedy special on their network. Bill, however, refuses to accept no as an answer.

-         Audio: Have you heard the trailer for the Hunger Games?

6AM (4):

-         Audio: Is this what Barack’s speech sounded like last night?

-         Parody: A message from your government: You WILL obey the president!

7AM (1)

-         It turns out there’s a good portion of society that doesn’t want to be free.

-         Parody: Merry Ferguson to all and to all a good riot

7AM (2):

-         Audio: Ted Cruz speaks out against Obama’s policies on unconstitutional amnesty

-         How long after Barack gets out of office will he be in charge of an organization like the UN?

-         Did you see Madden on TV last night? He looked awful…

-         Kids only know who John Madden is because of his role in the EA Sports game.

7AM (3):

-         Parody: Have you checked out the new game from Welfare Games Corporation?

7AM (4):

-         Did you see John Travolta on Dancing with the Stars?

-         Calls – Is there a protest aimed at protesting the protest going on in Ferguson?

-         Comedy: Does anybody know where Michael Brown’s grave is?

 8AM (1):

-         A new brand of weed is being marketed under Bob Marley’s name.

-         Guest: Josh Blue – Winner of Last Comic Standing, Paralympics athlete

 8AM (2):

-         A woman armed with a gun was arrested outside the White House last night approximately 15 minutes after Barack’s speech ended.

-         Parody: What was it like at your local Houston area Home Depot just minutes after Barack’s speech on immigration?

-         Have you ever read up on Buddha? Turns out that Buddha never actually wanted to be a religious figure.

-         Taser report

8AM (3):

-         Calls – Tyler says he grew with Ryan Mallet and claims he’s always been a smartass.

-         Countries that have a common language are always more successful than those that speak many.

-         Mike Nichols has died at 83

-         A Phoenix woman named Shanisha is in hot water after using the $100,000 she received in donations on things other than her children’s education and well being.

8AM (4):

-         Calls

-         The audio from Barack’s speech last night may not have been as straightforward as you think.

9AM (1):

-         Celebrity birthdays

-         Why does Billy Ed agree with everything that Barack has said?

-         Audio: Last night, Obama spoke on the issue of immigration.

9AM (2):

-         Cher has cancelled her tour because of a viral infection. Does anyone actually care?

-         What are the top 5 things we love about Thanksgiving? Turns out that visiting family placed first… yeah right.

-         5 random facts

9AM (3):

-         Have you heard of the new ‘imperfect’ Barbie? The doll features zits, cellulite and other ‘natural’ features.

-         Obesity is not a global problem, it’s a personal problem.

-         Calls

9AM (4):

-         Audio: It’s pretty entertaining to listen to celebrities reading their own negative Tweets.

-         Why is it that when a woman exposes herself to a man, it’s not considered a crime?

-         A would-be grocery store robber is in hot water after using a picture of a gun to try and rob the store. 


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