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May 4th, 2010
Down Syndrome Sensei

This is a really UNBELIEVABLE story out of Howell, in eastern Michigan.  15-year-old Adam Stone has Down syndrome . . . mentally, he's at about a fourth-grade level.  He also has autism, asthma and was born with four holes in his heart.

And, basically, he's said to the world:  Eff all that.  I'm getting my BLACK BELT in karate anyway.
Adam has been taking karate for years and, in the next few months, he should earn his black belt.
His instructor is Sam Larioza, who says that Adam has legitimately earned every belt along the way . . . no special treatment.  Quote, "Earning a black belt is tough, but for Adam to get it, it's like . . . climbing Mount Everest."

Outside of karate, Adam also plays basketball for a Special Olympics team and has a girlfriend. 

His mother, Gwen, says, quote, "All that Adam has accomplished has been because of his strong will.  My message to other parents would be to never give up on your child.  Let your child follow their dreams.  Everybody has a future." 




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