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January 14th, 2014
The man with no butt-crack.




Divya - 2014-11-19
Buck Lake Live & 65 … that is 65 years in the making.Buck Lake Live prdluoy presents International Recording Artist and Evangelist, Nod Arvefel, Saturday evening, August 25th at 7 pm at Historic Buck Lake Ranch, Angola, Indiana.Nod Arvefel is an International Recording Artist whose original songs and music ride the radio airwaves in more than 50 countries of the world. His Contemporary Christian music sound includes genres of Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz and more. Nod is no ordinary artist. With musical storyteller’s ability, Nod captures both your heart and attention as he sings you through Bible Story songs, Bible verse put to music, message songs, and worship and praise. You will both laugh and cry because Nod sings from deep in his heart. Nod always sings to glorify the Lord. Be sure to stop by and become a part of a fun, moving, heartfelt experience. You will find his music both captivating and exhilarating, like an anointed breath of fresh air. Admission and parking are free and there is always a new program with new people every Saturday night.Mark your calendars, August 25th at 7 pm, for Nod Arvefel LIVE at Historic Buck Lake Ranch, 2705 West Buck Lake Road, Angola, Indiana.See you there!
by Divya

Abdul - 2014-11-16
When my son was born I already had three girls ages 8, 3.5, and 14 mothns. The oldest was of course in school so I had the other three full time. My 14 month old gave up her second nap 2 mothns before the baby was born and the 3.5 year old gave up all naps when she turned 3. So even on days when I could get the youngest two to have an overlapping nap I had the older one to try and keep quiet and busy. At first daddy took her to work with him so I could rest and later we just made it work with lots of fun time together. I did a lot of book reading while the baby nursed as others have commented and you will find the double kid hold will come pretty natural to you. I still walk around with a 2 year old on one side and an 11 month old on the other. Sometimes mom is the only one they want and it usually happens when I am out with them somewhere. I sat in a chair at my oldest daughters basketball game yesterday with the baby on one leg facing me asleep and the toddler on the other asleep. Cherish these moments because all too soon they grow up and run off to do their own thing!
by Abdul

Ketlim - 2014-11-15
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by Ketlim

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ryan daigle teser report - 2014-05-02
teser report

fkfnwpuroy - 2014-02-05
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by fkfnwpuroy

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