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April 24th, 2013
Dead Boston Bomber

This should absolutely derail comprehensive immigration reform: dead Boston bomber lived on welfare...

So he came to America, became a citizen, & then went on welfare.  If we pass comprehensive immigration reform this will be repeated millions of times over. 

The Boston Herald reports that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was receiving the gov't handouts up until 2012. 

Also both of his parents received welfare benefits during their time in America.  So we are bringing the trash from other countries, making them citizens and having America taxpayer feed them & their families.....then they attempt to murder us. 

Obama's America?

-W&J's Producer

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- 2013-04-24
Everyone is exactly right we really need to take our country back before its too late or every time we turn around another disaster is going to happen until our country is theirs
by Trudy Saia

10%er - 2013-04-24
interesting "point to poner". If a person is collecting welfare or food stamps, they are elgible for free cell phones. There is speculation the bombers used cell phones to set the bombs off. Who paid for those phones
by W. Hansen

This is sad - 2013-04-24
Everyone who works hard and earns their money struggle with the way things are now bc we not only have to pay for us and our family, we are paying for the lazy people who just want a free ride
by Brittany B.

- 2013-04-24
we have people in our own country who make .50 cent more being on social sercurity who pay rent or a mortgage who barely can afford food but keeping a roof over their heads and not living on the street who can not even get food stamp so what is wrong with helping our own before helping people from another country first who can get welfare we need to take care of our own people in the united states before other from a distant.
by sassone

- 2013-04-24
Make it simple If you dont work , you dont eat! If you have worked and paid in the system its for you.
by Cliff Hall

- 2013-04-24
In my opinion; This is exactly why our borders need to be closed, you may enter with proper credentials obtained through the proper channels. All other illegal entry shall result in being deported. Refusal or deliberate illegal border crossing may result in the use of deadly force.
by Douglas Combs

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