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April 18th, 2013
Politicaly Correct BullShine [PC BS]

"Master bedroom" is out. "Owner's bedroom" is in.

Michael Neibauer at the Washington Business Journal reports on a trend he's spotted among DC-area homebuilders: the replacement of a term increasingly considered at least vaguely racist and/or sexist for a more neutral alternative when pitching homes.

"'Master' has problems; in gender (it skews male) and race (the slave master)," writes Neibauer, who obtains a quote from a rep for a prominent homebuilder in neighboring Maryland and Virginia:

"I imagine it's not only a more accurate description but also a more politically correct term of art," said Steve Nardella, the senior vice president of operations for Winchester Homes.

An architect in DC said he dropped the term "master" years ago after hearing of lawsuits brought against home builders over the phrase. Still, the wording preferred by real estate agents is another matter. Neibauer writes that a "quick, terribly unscientific" poll conducted by his paper found not a single real estate broker using the term "owner's bedroom." They all preferred the more established phraseology.

FYI: The "Master Bedroom" has NOTHING to do with slavery or sexism.  The phrase was used to describe the LARGEST anything in a house. It actually dates back to biblical times.  A "Master" is only viewed in the American Centric vocabulary as a 175 year old term for the guy that owns slaves...when in reality a Master is also a builder or a Landowner.

There are Master Kitchens, Master Baths, Master Entertainment Areas etc. The phrase is used in every English speaking country.

To try to link virtually everything in America somehow to slavery or sexism is just gosh darn ignorant.

-W&J's Producer

P.S. If everything is racist/sexist then logically nothing is racist/sexist.

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