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April 8th, 2013
Medical Marijuana...for Dogs?

Medical Marijuana. ..for Dogs?

Some pet owners legally give their dogs antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

Now that several states, including Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana use, one veterinarian says that dogs dealing with chronic pain and other debilitating conditions should be allowed to benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis.

That doesn't mean dog owners should blow pot smoke in their beloved pets' faces, Dr. Doug Kramer said in an interview.

But he acknowledged that after he 'dosed' his own dog Nikita, who had been suffering from terminal cancer, she was up and about and enjoying a better quality of life until she reached her end.

Medical marijuana can also be used to give felines the munchies when they're not feeling hungry, said Kramer.

'We're using it on cats ... as an appetite stimulant,' he told Vice, noting how picky cats become about what they eat when they're sick.

All told, any animal with cannabinoid receptors, including pigs, chickens, monkeys and rats, could feel the effects of THC, Kramer said.

But the non-human marijuana users wouldn't smoke it.

They would receive it in a tincture or in food cooked in oil or butter made from cannabis.

I'm getting to develop a medicinal doggie bong. One percent, here I come!

-W&J's Producer

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