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April 5th, 2013
North Korean Nuclear Holocaust

North Korea has redeployed some of its missiles to the country's eastern coast, a provocation and implicit warning that it just might carry through on some of its recent threats.

But how far can those missiles actually reach? We can't say for sure because we don't know what kind of missiles they are. But there appear to be two most likely possibilities: either it's the Musudan missiles, as the South Korean military says, or it's the KN-08, as reported in the Japanese press, or its both. Fortunately, neither is particularly scary for the United States.

Below is a map showing how far North Korea's various missile systems can reach. The outermost green circle indicates the range of the Musudan: It includes Japan and South Korea but not Guam or Hawaii and certainly not the U.S. mainland.

So we're saying there's a chance?  Yeah...and there's a chance the tooth fairy is real too, but....

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