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March 14th, 2013
Brooklyn race riot

18 Arrested on 3rd Day of Protests for Brooklyn Teen Thug Shot by Police

More than a dozen people were arrested as scores of demonstrators gathered in Brooklyn for a third consecutive day to protest the NYPD department following the police-involved shooting of a 16-year-old boy over the weekend, authorities said.

Protesters attended a candlelight vigil Wednesday night for Kimani "Kiki" Gray just blocks from where he was shot to death by police Saturday night.

The anger was palpable as a group of young people heckled police officers in helmets and later marched down a street.

The vigil's organizers tried and failed to calm the young people, some of whom later threw bottles at police officers. One officer's face was hit with a brick; he was treated for a laceration and released from Suny Downstate Hospital, police confirmed.

Eighteen people were arrested during Wednesday evening's protest, including Gray's sister. Specific charges against her were not immediately clear.

This is a great example of the dangers that mob mentality can impose on society.  The NYPD is still conducting an investigation into what happened.  The police involved in this incident have been put on temporary leave until questions are answered.  Meanwhile, ignorant people with short sighted opinions get fired up and scream racism and they have no idea why.

The truth is, we have NO IDEA what happened the night Kiki, aka street-thug-gang-banger 'Shapow' was shot and killed while trying to escape from 3 police officers.  For all we know, he could have been imposing a serious threat to the officers who shot him....and it's also possible that he wasn't.  

One thing's for sure - his sister and other 17 geniuses who were arrested last night have NO IDEA what really happened because they're too busy pointing fingers and screaming 'racism' while more logical people are out conducting an investigation and seeking out legitimate facts.

The law of the land is 'Innocent until proven guilty' for a reason.  Chilax, America.  Wait until the investigation is conducted and then decide if you want to protest.

Imagine how stupid the protesters will feel when all the dust settles and we get legitimate evidence about the real scenario that took place.  All these morons now have an arrest record despite the outcome of the case.  

Smooth move, dumb asses.

-W&J's Producer

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