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March 13th, 2013
Laura Bush

Some Republican candidates in the 2012 elections "frightened" women, says former first lady Laura Bush.

 CNN's Erin Burnett asked Bush Monday in an interview whether Republicans making social issues like gay marriage and abortion so central to the platform led to more than half of women voters voting for President Obama.

Bush said....

"There are obvious examples of candidates that were - that I think frightened some women, but they were the exception rather than the norm in the party.  There are all of those social issues that are very, very heartfelt by people. And I understand that. There are differences and there just will be."

Lets not kid ourselves - Republicans have different opinions.  There are clearly two sides to the party right now - the libertarian/tea party types and the bible bumping Christians.  However, neither side of the party is as scary as the Democrats. 

-W&J's Producer

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