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April 29th, 2010
Pole Dancing


Guys, you need to stop:  Every time women start accidentally winning the battle of the sexes FOR us, a bunch of metrosexual guys have to go and mess it up . . .

Women start wearing low-rise jeans to show off their midriffs, thongs, and coin slots, and what happens?  GUYS start wearing low-rise jeans too.  Women start waxing downstairs to show off their pristine nethers?  GUYS start "man-scaping."

The latest casualty is the pole-dancing class... 

Clueless women started the trend at bachelorette parties and gyms.  OBVIOUSLY it's an erotic workout, with payoffs for everyone involved back in the bedroom.  But THEY say it's just "exercise."  Fine.
But instead of just letting women BELIEVE that, guys are taking pole-dancing classes now too . . . for the workout. 
According to the "Washington Post", a bunch of gyms and fitness studios have started offering coed classes, and encouraging guys to focus on the strength and cardio involved.
A guy named Steve Shergold runs a dance studio in Charlottesville, Virginia, that started one of the first pole-dance programs, back in 2003.  And two years ago, they started offering men's classes too.
He says, quote, "A lot of women are jealous of men because they start out with more strength and can do more things.  [Men] like that it's a totally different way to work out."   



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