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February 22nd, 2013
Student's rights are violated

Student suspended for mocking teacher's parking on Twitter

A Staten Island, New York, high schooler has been suspended for pointing out a teacher's lousy parking job in a tweet.

Curtis High School teacher John Pillarella (Twitter name - @Pilster67 ) found a tweet from Erik Nielsen ( Twitter name - @Nielsen25_ ) criticizing him for leaving his car near a "No Parking" sign.

Pillarella responded:

Pillarella has since deleted all his messages from Twitter.

Nielsen fired back at his school: "They obviously don't know the rules they're supposed to be upholding," he tweeted. "They violated so many rights it's insane. … DOE [Department of Education] employees are not to review any personal social media accounts created by their students, it says right in the rule book."

Officials at Curtis High School would not confirm how long Nielsen is suspended for. The school would not release any more details on the suspension at this time.

Further more - apparently the school has a policy against teacher's viewing student's social networking accounts.  Damn.  Creepy teachers are trolling on student's Twitter feeds?

As far as I'm concerned, this kid needs to file a law suit - PRONTO.   He's not breaking the law by photographing a car parked next to a 'No Parking' sign.  Hell, he's probably doing his community a favor by telling us about bad teachers who are blatantly violating traffic rules. 

This is a 1st amendment issue and Erik is formally invited onto this radio show to tell his story to the world. 

-W&J's Producer

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