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February 21st, 2013
Student punished

Student punished for wearing abstinence tshirt

An eighth-grader from Cocoa was told by school staff to change shirts, after she was told the one she was wearing was "inappropriate."

Summer Schreiner, 15, showed us the shirt in question.  Across the front, in big letters, it reads,  "Don't drink and park... accidents cause kids."

Schreiner described how she was forced to remove the shirt midway Friday at Clearlake Middle School.   "I get through lunch, and I'm on my way back, and the assistant principal tells me I need to go to the office and change my shirt."  

Schreiner just got this shirt the night before at a Christian conference called The Silver Ring Thing.   It's a gathering held in cities around the country, where teenagers pledge to remain abstinent until marriage.  It's called The Silver Ring Thing,  because once they make the pledge, they receive a silver ring.

Isn't it ironic how the rules about so called 'free speech' are always designed to punish the people who are the most deserving of free expression?  Where is the ACLU to defend the rights of virgin teenagers?  If this girl's shirt had said something about gay pride....there's no way you'd be reading a news story about her.  

-W&J's Producer

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