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February 20th, 2013
Disney in New Orleans

Disney's new home: New Orleans?

The port of New Orleans is trying to lure the most famous mouse in the world.

Disney Cruise Line executives have been asked to consider a home port in New Orleans.

The conversations have begun; and with any luck New Orleans could become a new home port for a Disney Cruise Line.

"Bringing the big mouse to the city of New Orleans would be a major coup; there's no question about that," said Gary LaGrange.

Port of New Orleans President and CEO Gary LaGrange says Disney is one in a hand-full of potential tenants he wants to secure - once construction of the new Poland Avenue cruise terminal is completed in 2014.

"You don't start with these people today and expect to have them here in six weeks or six months," LaGrange explained. "It's about an 18-month to 24-months in advance discussions."

He says the cruise ship industry in New Orleans is growing.

Nothing says good clean Disney family fun like voodoo shops and throwing up on Bourbon Street!

-W&J's Producer

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