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February 14th, 2013
Richest city in America?

Richest big city in America: Washington DC?

A recent study shows that of all the big cities in America, Washington DC boasts the highest concentration of high-income households.  14.1% of the households in that area have an income of at least $191,469.

Other big cities that followed closely behind were San Francisco, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Honolulu, Philadelphia, Anchorage, Houston and Chicago [in that order].

Small cities with a large concentration of high-income households [in order from highest to lowest] are: Bridgeport [Conneticut], San Jose, Trenton [New Jersey], Oxnard [California], Boulder, Napa [California], Santa Cruz, Midland [Texas], Santa Barbara, Hartford [Connecticut] and Santa Rosa [California].

At the other end of the scale, Southeastern states including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee unsurprisingly had the lowest concentrations of high-earning households.

And two cities both named Danville, in Virginia and Illinois, had the lowest concentrations of wealth per household, with 1.1 percent of homes in the areas achieving the top tier of income levels according to the Census.

Suspicious results.  For the first time in American history the big city with the most rich people is DC?  All those lobbyists, big business insiders and foreign corporate crooks have tipped the scale heavily in DC's favor.

Obama not available for comment.

-W&J's Producer

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