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February 8th, 2013
Westboro Baptist Jackasses

Westboro Baptist Church will protest Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's funeral

The radical fringe group tied together by hate and the Christian term "Baptist" is once-again vowing to cause discord at the funeral of an American warrior.

On Monday, Feb. 11, at 1:00, mourners will fill Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, to honor and remember a hero, Christopher Scott Kyle, 38. The fanatics of Westboro Baptist Church plan to show up with pickets, taunts, and hate signs protesting all U.S. troops.

Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, was inexplicably gunned down at close range last Saturday while he was helping a young Marine veteran over a rough post-deployment time. With Kyle that day was his friend Chad Littlefield, who was also murdered, both allegedly by Eddie Ray Routh, 25.

Lets stop this from happening!  Listeners of this program need to make their way to Arlington on Monday and stand in front of the protesters to block their line of the site from the funeral.  

-W&J's Producer 

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Honestly - 2013-02-08
The jackasses need to be dragged through a saw briar thicket while naked as a jay bird.... Then dipped in lemon juice.... Then salt, rinse and repeat, you get the idea
by Travis

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