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February 7th, 2013
Trayvon Martin

College names 'combating ' racism award after.... T rayvon Martin

Stupid just got stupider.

Providence College (PC) has named an award for anti-racist activists after Trayvon Martin, a Florida youth who was shot and killed last year in an incident which embroiled the country in a debate on guns and race.

The Travyon Martin Award for Social Justice will be given to one upperclassmen and one faculty member at the college who have illustrated a commitment to combating racism and promoting social justice.

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform, the PC Black Studies Program created the Trayvon Martin Award for Social Justice to memorialize all victims of "racism and oppression."

I guess if you get suspended for school for drug use....and you have a tricked out gangster ass Twitter account....you have a civil rights award named after you.  Makes sense.

-W&J's Producer



Yes it's Right - 2013-02-09
So if the kid was suspended or if he has a tricked out twitter account....or if he was roaming the streets in (this free country)..he deserves to be killed....you people are looking past the real reason behind this
by Jay

really - 2013-02-07
What the hell is this country coming to.
by Julie Barton

Chris carraway - 2013-02-07
Unbelievable the thug of the year award
by Chris carraway

- 2013-02-07
Really an award?? Does anyone see anything wrong with this?? All of a sudden this kid is a good person. He should of been home where he belongs, instead of roaming the streets.
by Lecia

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