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January 31st, 2013
Reagan's childhood home

Reagan's Childhood Home To Be Bulldozed For Future Obama Library?

President Ronald Reagan's childhood home in Chicago is scheduled to be demolished. The University of Chicago recently purchased the property and announced that it intends to turn the property into a parking lot. 

hat plot could soon be the parking lot for the future site of President Barack Obama's presidential library.

"Whatever you think of Reagan - once the building's gone, it's gone forever," Hyde Park Historical society board member Jack Spicer said.

Their report speculates that political motives may be behind the University of Chicago's decision to raze the apartment building which housed the nation's 40th president in his youth.

Some have said that the liberal Chicago establishment does not want a reminder that Reagan, a conservative icon, once lived in the city.

The only thing more insulting than an Obama library would be a mosque.  I'm just sayin'.

-W&J's Producer

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Library - 2013-01-31
Can they read up in Chicago?
by paul

Reagan's childhood home - 2013-01-31
I think I would prefer a mosque. The whole city of Chicago and that is the only place they come up with for a library, whatever.
by Michael

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