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January 29th, 2013
Texas Death Row

Equal opportunity death row in Texas

Why is the liberal media treating this murderer like a victim?  Because she's a woman?  Because she's black?  She killed someone....

Kimberly McCarthy will become the first 'victim' of a rare female U.S. execution in more than two years if she gets a lethal injection Tuesday in Texas as planned.

McCarthy, now 51, was convicted of stabbing a neighbor to death in 1997, This will make her the 13th woman to be executed in the United States since 1976, when the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty.

McCarthy became infamous in the state of Texas when she was convicted of killing her 71-year-old neighbor, Dorothy Booth, inside Booth's home on July 21, 1997, after asking if she could come inside to borrow some sugar.

Booth, a retired college professor, was stabbed and bludgeoned to death by McCarthy after a struggle ensued between the two at her house in Lancaster, 15 miles south of Dallas, according to the Associated Press.

After killing Booth, McCarthy proceeded to cut off Booth's left ring finger and stole her diamond ring, which she sold to a pawn shop. 

The Texas attorney general stated that McCarthy also is a leading suspect in the bludgeoning murders of two other elderly women.

McCarthy was convicted and sentenced to death by a Dallas County jury in 1998.

The last time a woman was executed in the United States was when Virginia killed Teresa Lewis on Sept. 23, 2010.

When you read stories like this, it makes you want to be very careful about who you let in your house, even medical personnel. This woman, McCarthy was supposed to be a physical therapist, and she probably went into people's homes to give them therapy sessions. It makes you want to keep a pistol in your pocket whenever anybody enters your home.

-W&J's Producer

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simularities - 2013-01-30
your show on wed. was almost like the jt show on tue. the toca bell tacoes thing was almost word for word
by chas

- 2013-01-29
Im totally shocked here not to see a statement from the A.C.L.U american civil liberties union hasnt voiced theyre thought about 1 being blk.2 the fact of being a woman 3 or maybe what a troubled life or child hood she had. Its hard to base a an opinion about this story sense i nor we were there at the trail how ever if she did do what shes being accused of an her peers found quilty than why would she being any diferent that a guys thats shoots innosent people But if there there might be a possiblity of a plea of reason of insanity than other options need to be looked at as well
by doug

Equal Rights for ALL - 2013-01-29
She should have been executed by now! This boggles my mind. A few weeks ago I had to bail my daughter out of jail for an outstanding bench warrant on a seat belt violation....the law is the law...
by vicki

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