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January 24th, 2013
Musical coffin

$30,000 coffin plays music for the dead

A Swedish company is now giving people the chance to play music for the dead through an online music service

Pause Ljud & Bild recently introduced the CataCombo Sound System as "life after death entertainment" for "audiophiles on the other side," according to an advertisement on the site.

It consists of the CataCoffin, the CataTomb and the CataPlay.

The CataPlay app is connected to Spotify [the online music service], which then pipes music into the two-way speakers and 8-inch subwoofer of the CataCoffin.

The songs playing can be displayed on a screen on your tombstone through the CataTomb, also the music server and amplifier.

Yes, it sounds crazy. But what's even crazier? The price.  The CataCombo Sound System is listed at about $30,000.

That's nothing - my idea for my dead perverted uncle Herbert: the CataPorno....it's basically a coffin that plays adult movies. 

-W&J's Producer

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