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January 24th, 2013
Hillary Lies

Hillary's victory lap on Libya in 2011

In her testimony before Congress Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Rep. Joe Wilson that she did not go on the Sunday morning network shows the weekend after the deadly attacks in Benghazi because:

    "Going on the Sunday shows is not my favorite thing to do. There are other things I prefer to do on Sunday mornings. And, you know, I haven't been on a Sunday show in way over a year. So it just isn't something I normally jump to do."

However, Sec. Clinton last appeared on NBC News' "Meet the Press" on October 23, 2011.  This was three days after Muammar Gaddafi had been killed, a high-point of the American operation in Libya.  She appeared with David Gregory to do a victory lap for herself and for the president and to trumpet the administration's strategy in Libya as brilliant and triumphant.

Where I'm from we have a word for women like Hill-dog: lying bitch. 

-W&J's Producer

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