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January 22nd, 2013
Atari Says

Atari files for bankruptcy . Game over?

Obama destroyed Atari too?

Video game company Atari SA said it has filed for bankruptcy protection in Paris and New York after it failed to find a successor to main shareholder and sole lender BlueBay.

The US operations in addition plan to separate from their French parent to seek independent capital to grow in digital and mobile games, Atari Inc said in a statement on Monday.

The US businesses plan to sell or restructure all or almost all of their assets in the next three to four months and are seeking $5.25 million in financing from Tenor Capital, Atari Inc added.

Atari SA said no investor had been willing to replace BlueBay as its reference shareholder and main creditor because of its French listing, complicated capital structure and the difficult economic and operating environment.

The company said it owed 21 million euros ($28 million) to BlueBay.

If we buy the company - do we get to own Qbert, Ms Pacman and Space Invaders too?

-W&J's Producer

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bob - 2013-01-22
I recently saw a new atari game console at the dollar store. It had the retro look of the original. I should have purchased it.
by bob robert

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