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April 27th, 2010
Support Arizona's Immigration Reform



Immigration vote - 2010-04-28
If they put this on the ballot to vote then only those who have the rights to vote will be able to pass or not pass the bill that means that if you are illlegal you can not vote so who is going to check to make sure voters are legal. Look what happen in the election of Obama.
by Glenn

A Standing Ovation - 2010-04-27
Good for you Madam Governor. Being in Texas we know all too well what you and your state is up against. Mr. Obama, what happened to Homeland Security???
by Robert Walton

One Step Further - 2010-04-27
Governor I would have to say a lot of your deficits are due to illegal immigration. If the federal government and the democratic party are not willing to take action on deportation, I think you should start firing up the buses and begin the deportation process at the state level.
by Doug

- 2010-04-27
Good for you for trying to proctect the borders! Too bad for us the President is not upholding the Constitution!
by Wanda Donovan

About time! - 2010-04-27
About time someone had the guts to address a serious problem. Good job Governer!
by Blaine

Immigration reform - 2010-04-27
I agree with her intake on controlling immigration. Something has to be done to control immigration. My hat is off to her for stepping up and being the first to set an example.
by Leisa Less

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