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December 14th, 2012
Chicago Craps

Chicago using tax dollars to fight 2nd Amendment rights?

With parts of the city in the grip of gang warfare and spiking homicide rates, Chicago aldermen urged state officials to appeal an appellate court's decision tossing Illinois' ban on concealed weapons, with some suggesting they might launch their own legal battle.

Outside a City Council meeting Wednesday, one alderman after another said they are so concerned that lifting the ban could lead to more gun violence that they are willing to write a new city ordinance even if it triggers a lengthy and expensive court fight.

These alderman seem terrified about private citizens carrying guns. I seriously don't understand their train of thought. Do they think a concealed carry law will be the tipping point on whether or not the regular Joe goes off on a mass killing spree or something?

Kinda shows what these politicians think of their constituents.

-W&J's Producer

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Stupid is as stupid does. - 2012-12-14
I will never understand why politicians are so fearful of honest citizens having guns, but never seem to do anything about the criminals who pay no attention to laws of any kind.
by Henry Smith

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