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December 13th, 2012
North Korea

North Korea's Satellite Is Out of Control: Why This Is Very Bad News

North Korea...whoops, did we say North Korea?  We meant 'Best' Korea....

Best Korea's satellite is out of control and it might be a hazard.

After failing miserably on numerous occasions, Best Korea has finally put a satellite in orbit. But according to US officials, it is now "tumbling out of control." This is bad news, and more bad news, covered in a double layer of extra bad news.

NORAD detected the launch yesterday at 7:49pm Eastern Time. The rocket passed over Japan on its way to orbit. Its first stage splashed down into the Yellow Sea, while the second one fell on the Philippine Sea. Soon after that, the United States and most countries with space tracking capabilities confirmed the launch success: whatever it was carrying, it reached orbit. According to Kim Jong-Un's regime, it's a "weather satellite" on a polar orbit, going in the same direction as an Earth meridian.

Except it's really going any which way: talking to NBC News, US Officials are saying that the "space object" is tumbling out of control.

Why it is bad news for everyone....

The most obvious bad news is that this is quite dangerous, as this object has now become a collision risk to other satellites.

I guess the new Red Dawn isn't so silly now after all, is it?


-W&J's Producer

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