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April 22nd, 2010
Arizona is Racist

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- The Mexican government criticized Wednesday a tough immigration law approved this week by Arizona legislators, saying it could result in rights violations and racial profiling and affect cross-border relations.

Mexico's Foreign Relations Department said in a statement relayed through Mexico's U.S. embassy that it viewed the measure with great concern and said it "could have potentially serious effects on the civil rights" (!!!) of Mexican nationals.

"Mexico views with concern the possible negative effects the measure could have, if approved, on the development of the ties of friendship, culture, commerce and tourism that have characterized Mexico's relations with Arizona for generations," according to the statement.

The law has been approved by the Arizona legislators and is awaiting consideration by Gov. Jan Brewer. The measures makes it a state crime for migrants to be in Arizona without documents.

Mexico also said the bill "opens the door to the inappropriate use of racial profiling."


An estimated 11.8 million Mexicans live in the United States. A large percentage are undocumented, and Arizona has been one of the main routes for undocumented migration into the United States. 


**Side Note - Arizona's crime rate has tanked 70% since the crackdown on illegal immigration began.

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